Joints good, everything good - our secret tip for squeaky-clean four-legged friends

Deep down, we all know it: our cold-noses are good for us! Not only do they put a smile on our faces, but they also delight us day after day with their constant need for cuddling. But did you know that they are also good for our health? Swedish epidemiologists, for example, predict that dog owners will live longer and suffer less from cardiovascular diseases.[1]

However, we think: Life is a give and take! Therefore, it is now time to give something back to our furry "fountain of health". The high-quality extract of green-lipped mussels is just what we need, because it will keep your pet happily chasing his ball for a long time to come!

Superfood for your dog: Why is green-lipped mussel so healthy?

The New Zealand mussel representative is one of the most nutrient-rich foods on our planet. It is packed with valuable vitamins and minerals - including calcium, magnesium and iron as well as omega-3 fatty acids - and promises to alleviate numerous ailments. In addition to inhibiting inflammation and improving heart health, green-lipped mussel also supports the formation of new cartilage mass. Above all, however, it has gained worldwide fame for alleviating joint inflammation - for both dogs and their owners (and mistresses, of course).[2]

It's going like clockwork... This is how the green-lipped mussel works

Joint wear and tear is an ordeal that neither humans nor animals escape as they age. There are many medicines available, but they usually come with a heavy load of chemicals over the counter. In contrast, the relative of our native mussel relies on three natural healing substances to work its wonders:

  • Anti-oxidants
  • Lyprinol
  • Glycosaminoglycanes

The antioxidants strengthen the immune system[3], Lyprinol contains twelve different omega-3 fatty acids and combats inflammation in your four-legged friend.[4] However, the secret stars among the active ingredients of the green-lipped mussel are the glycosaminoglycans. The long-chain amino sugar compounds are responsible for the high viscosity of the joint fluid and thus support pain-free movement. The optimal nutrient supply of the joints makes the green-lipped mussel powder extremely interesting for the food supplement industry - and your dog will thank you for it at the next play afternoon.[5]

So much green-lipped mussel is healthy for your four-legged friend

Whether for osteoarthritis, joint pain or back pain: If you are looking for a natural therapy against joint pain, green-lipped mussel can help. Available in powder or capsule form, it can be fed to all breeds. The recommended dose depends on age, size and weight. Small dogs are best served with a daily dose of 0.5 grams of the high-quality extract. Larger dogs may eat up to 1 gram of the freeze-dried and powdered part of the green shell mussel daily.[6] To provide your pet with the best possible supply of the effective food supplement, you can coordinate the individual dose with your trusted veterinary practitioner to be on the safe side.

How quickly the green-lipped mussel works and how long you should feed it for

According to studies, you can expect significant pain relief for your four-legged friend just a few weeks after the first dose. Joint function improves in 53% of patients after just four weeks of use. After eight weeks, 80% report pain-free movement.[7] Most manufacturers recommend cures of up to eight weeks for furry noses, repeated several times a year. Side effects or intolerances due to overdosage are not known so far.[8] This way, you can feed your darling this miracle product as a puppy to support the development of a stable musculoskeletal system - and thus provide for a long and healthy dog's life! A win-win situation for both of you, one could say...

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