Curcuma - the exotic among the anti-inflammatories

Perennials, spices, herbs and other plants are only too happy to be used in modern food supplements. But did you know that even the wolf - as the direct ancestor of your Fifi snuggling on the sofa - has instinctively used the power of nature for thousands of years to take precautions against illnesses and ailments? According to legend, we humans even took the dog as our model when we first roamed the meadows in search of medicinal plants.

We can't tell you whether this myth is actually true. But we can tell you that herbs and spices have health-promoting properties that should be used by both dog and master (and of course mistress!)! Are you looking for a true all-rounder for your four-legged friend? Then this article is literally the right one for you. May we introduce ...

Turmeric - the golden spice for your dog

The sad truth: the older the dog, the more likely numerous ailments become. From arthritis and diabetes to allergies, intestinal inflammation and even cancer, Mother Nature has not stopped at any illness for our dearest companions. Of course, we're keeping our fingers crossed that your cold-blooded dog doesn't catch it. But if, for example, your dog's joints are affected over the years by playing, romping, wrestling and lots of cuddling, you don't necessarily have to get strong medication from the vet.[1] (nevertheless, you should always seek advice from a doctor before you try to take medication yourself).

With turmeric, nature has provided the perfect remedy to help your four-legged friend quickly get back on his feet. Turmeric is said to ...

  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic
  • cholesterol-lowering
  • and even anti-cancer

... for which it has been celebrated in Ayurvedic medicine since the 1990s. Thousands of studies have now looked at the effects of the golden root and have all come to the conclusion that the curcumin contained in the tuber is one of nature's most active compounds.[2]

Just put the spice in the bowl? Please don't!

Maybe you are looking in your kitchen cupboard and are happy to see a spice jar with turmeric glowing in all shades of gold. Please don't get the idea to add the ground tuber to your dog's food. Although pure, high-quality turmeric is suitable for both you and your dog, some products marketed for humans contain the emulsifier polysorbate 80, which in the worst case can trigger a pseudo-allergic shock in your pet. Therefore, look for a turmeric product that has a high bioavailability and is suitable for furry noses.[3]

Moreover, since the main active ingredient curcumin makes up a maximum of 5 percent of the entire root tuber and this small proportion reaches the blood in just one hundredth, a concentrated preparation is to be preferred. These are available both in powder form and as pastes, capsules or drops. Which variant you choose depends on your preferences (or rather those of your dog). You should not exceed the maximum daily dose of 15 to 20 milligrams of turmeric per kilogram of body weight, otherwise gastrointestinal problems cannot be ruled out.[4] Otherwise, the golden power tuber is pure nature and supports the health of your four-legged friend in a wonderful way and completely without chemicals!

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